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Social Media Service

Once upon a time businesses needed a website to be different. Then everyone had one and you needed a website to be competitive. Years later, business with social networking pages were a business needs social networking to be competitive. But you can still stand out by having outstanding social networking! That's how we can help.

There is more to social networking then just signing up on Twitter, Facebook, etc. Products and services should have their own pages, they should have beautifully designed graphics, linked together, using key terms (sometimes with hash tags, sometimes not), and most of all they should be set up correctly to funnel lots and lots of traffic to your website!

Our Process

Initial Review and Analysis

The ANDRESENGROUP begins all social media campaigns with a thorough review and analysis of your website and social media pages to identify potential areas of improvement, and to determine the best way to produce consistent and effective branding. This initial consultation can help to identify problems with inconsistent content, poor-quality back links and any other factors impacting a campaign's effectiveness.

Competitor Analysis

The ANDRESENGROUP provides you with a competitive review to identify key businesses in your space and which social media methods will be most effective in helping you to gain an advantage.

Keyword Research and Analysis

Using our own in-house keyword research tools and several third party tools, The ANDRESENGROUP will find the most relevant keywords to be used in your campaign.

Social Networking Page Creation and Updates

We work with you to update and create your social networking pages on websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, MySpace, Digg, Delicious, Reddit, and YouTube, and beyond. We set up your accounts, where needed, create product and services pages, and create eye-catching graphics.

Baited Traffic Campaigns

Sometimes we will suggest that you offer free products or services to help draw traffic to your social network. This also increases your SEO rankings, potential sales and new customers.

Online Ads

Getting people to visit your website is important. However, getting the right people to visit your website is what’s most important. The ANDRESENGROUP banner ad design puts your brand in front of the right people. Our expert designers create custom advertisements that drive the right people to your website. Our attention to detail means more qualified leads for your business.

Update your Website

We will suggest improvements to your website to help make the most of your social media campaign and either make the enhancements for you or work with your web developer to make changes.

Account Management

After the initial setup of your social network we will keep you informed of developments in social media and offer suggestions and guidance as time goes by.

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Putting It Together

Custom Web Design

A social media campaign without a well-designed website is like a body without a head. Your website should be the center of all of your marketing. If you don't have well-built, beautifully-designed website then we definitely recommend that you have us create one for you.

Press Releases

As a vital component of Internet marketing and branding, we offer a Press Release Writing and Distribution service designed to increase product or company name recognition. We will craft and distribute search engine-optimized press releases that are newsworthy, engaging and help to achieve a higher level of online visibility.

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Alpaca Web Development

"The ANDRESENGROUP took my nebulous concepts and made them real, easy to understand and workable. They were top-of-the-line professionals, a joy to work with, affordable and on time. They not only met my expectations, they far exceeded them. I will definately be working with them on future projects"
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