"We felt that the product we received is very professional and The ANDRESENGROUP created a site that fit our individual needs. Working with John and the team at The ANDRESENGROUP on the design and implementation of our web site was very rewarding. Our initial meeting established our wants and needs for a website. We were involved in key steps of design and review process, and our final site is exactly what we envisioned, exceeding our expectations."
"After making the decision to start the business of Alpaca ranching we began our journey. We’ve met people along this journey that have made it possible for us to get a wonderful start.

Along the way we met up with John Andresen of The ANDRESENGROUP. He was referred to us by Juanita DeSisto of Three Boys' Alpacas, our mentor and now friend. I contacted him for help in designing a website for our new alpaca business. I was instantly impressed. He was fun to talk to, professional in his assessment of our needs, and conscious of the cost and our budget. After spending a few hours with me on our initial phone call, he helped us determine our short and long term goals; he now had an idea of what we were looking for in the design and website format. The logo of our ranch was our number one concern. John went right to work. After a few attempts, there it was- our very own logo! We all loved it! John and his team worked fast to get our website up and running. He was wonderful to work with. Developing this phase 1 of our site, took a lot of weight off our shoulders. We had so many others things we were busy doing. It was ALL so overwhelming!

We now have an ongoing relationship with John Andresen of The ANDRESENGROUP. He is wonderful to work with. We trust him and will count on him for our future web enhancements. Our business, Disappearing Creek Alpaca Ranch highly recommends The ANDRESENGROUP to design your website for any business need."

"The ANDRESENGROUP took my nebulous concepts and made them real, easy to understand and workable. They were top-of-the-line professionals, a joy to work with, affordable and on time. They not only met my expectations, they far exceeded them. I will definately be working with them on future projects"
"The ANDRESENGROUP has been a pleasure to work with and very patient with our 'Techno peasant' gnashing and wailing."
"Thanks John and Kim Andresen of The ANDRESENGROUP for your beautiful web design work."
"I love my new website! As the second site you've built for me in two very different fields of work, just as my alpaca site did, this one reflects exactly the presence and feeling I was after. It's beautiful, vibrant, and simple. Excellent administration tools, makes it easy to keep it nicely updated! Now that it's been live for two months, I can say that I'm getting great feedback from everyone who visits it. I consider my website to be my most significant marketing piece, so I'm already looking forward to ways we'll expand on it! Thanks again for another great project, John!"
"John and The ANDRESENGROUP was one of the best decisions I made as I started my alpaca business. John not only knows the business but he 'got' how I wanted my site to present. He is totally tolerant of my nit-picking and makes all the changes when I ask for them without complaint. He is always enthusiastic and helpful with everything I want to do."
"We are very pleased with the web site The ANDRESENGROUP prepared for our farm. We have had the site for over a year and can say it has done everything they said that it would do. The most important thing for our farm is the ability to keep all of the information on our website current. The site is easy for us to maintain and update. When we have had any questions or problems The ANDRESENGROUP were able to solve them in a timely manner. Also, being included in Alpaca Infinity's sites has helped us promote and sell our alpacas."
Alpacas of Wasatch Moon

"All I wanted was to have my cake and eat it too, by having the built-in flexibility of being able to master my website completely online, and not be webmaster-dependent, but having a webmaster to fall back onto, if I needed help. I also wanted the website format & design a certain way. I knew what I wanted and I wasn't going to settle for less, but 5 years of searching still hadn't found me anything, until I found John Andresen's website via an acquaintance's website that he'd done.

John understood what I wanted and could give it all to me. He made my thoughts into reality, and bent himself backwards to get the website/CMS like I wanted it to be: for a song, with no hidden fees or headaches. When I need help or need something changed, John is on the ball, and works efficiently and professionally. People rave about our website design, & I would recommend The ANDRESENGROUP to anyone for anything they need done."

"Beginning with the look that we hoped for The ANDRESENGROUP has worked with us, patiently and responsively, to create a website that we can be proud of and that we can update and manage on our own. We look forward to a lasting relationship with [The ANDRESENGROUP] to coach, guide, and construct as we continue to grow the websites capabilities to serve our clients."
"I have advertised with the Andresen Group and Livestock of America and since they own their own alpacas, they understand the business well. They are professional and thorough and offer many avenues in which to reach the appropriate clientele. Their prices are reasonable and they do not gouge you with a high commission percentage. They are also friendly and a pleasure to work with."
Hermes Alpacas

"It was a pleasure to work with Kim and John from Livestock Of America in brokering/advertising my alpacas and farm.

Kim was so kind and helpful in answering all of my questions in regards to brokering and what it entailed.

I simply had to fill out the forms with each alpacas information, upload and email photos and data, and Kim and John put it all together into a great marketing package.

Brokering my alpacas with them also allowed the listings to be featured in their "marketing blasts" and auctions at no additional cost.

They took the time to get personal information on each animal and wrote that into the animals profile for advertising. I thought that was such a nice touch. By adding the new advertising option, Livestock of America, brokering with The Andresen Group allowed more people to view and consider my alpacas and property for purchase than any amount of advertising I could have done myself for the cost.

Thank you Kim and John for your professionalism, assistance and correspondence."

WillowTan Alpacas LLC

"[Livestock Of America Brokering] is a great resource."
Melody Lane Farm Alpacas

"We have only one word to describe your work.. Fantastic! You did a great job!! Someone who looks at Sir Gibson’s pages on Livestock of America and reads your write-up is sure to be interested... just what you want the buyer to see and read. Believe me, I know the amount of time it takes to write up that extensive of an animal description...It's great to work with a professional at her craft. Thank you so much, again, for not only the guidance on what we need to sell, but also the patience as we climb the learning curve. You continue to impress!!! Again.. great job! And.. Thank you!!"
Color Your Herd Alpacas

"I have received numerous compliments! Folks who visit the site are encouraged to visit Meadowrock. Together, working as a team, we met my expectations and have increased visitor engagement. Kudos to all!"

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"The ANDRESENGROUP has been a pleasure to work with and very patient with our 'Techo peasant' gnashing and wailing."
- Marit Federcell
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