Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We've all heard about it, search engine optimization, but do you know how important it is? You might be the proud owner of a sleek new website with the most compelling content on the web but if nobody sees it, what difference does it make? To make money you have to be seen, and seen by the right people. Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) service will accomplish that.

With the right density of keywords and phrases you can ensure that your customers see your content. There is a method to the madness. We can ensure you that your best content will get seen by the people who are in need of your services and we go about it in such a way that works.

Our Process

Initial Review and Analysis

The ANDRESENGROUP begins all search engine optimization services with a thorough review and analysis of your website to identify potential areas of improvement. This initial consultation can help to identify problems with dynamic or duplicate content, poor-quality back links and any other factors impacting a site's ranking.

Competitor Analysis
The ANDRESENGROUP provides you with a competitive review to identify key businesses in your field of expertise and which SEO methods will be most effective in helping you to gain an advantage.

Website Analysis
Our website analysis is a comprehensive overview of your website that provides a snapshot of how it is viewed by search engines. By performing analysis on the following areas listed below, we can develop a strategy to improve your site and help your search engine rankings.

HTML Code Analysis
We review your website's HTML coding to ensure that it is properly formatted to be picked up by search engines.

HTML Structure Analysis
Having a well-organized HTML structure makes your website more attractive to search engines.

Website Design Analysis
We perform an analysis of your website's design tools and recommend how we can improve it to make it more SEO-friendly.

Keyword Research and Analysis
We identify the most relevant keywords that will drive the most traffic to your website. Our research will also tell us which keywords will help your site gain higher rankings, in the quickest way possible. Our research includes:
  • Primary Keywords
  • Secondary Keywords
  • Keyword Competition Research

Link Development

One of the major variables in attaining a high search engine rank is a website's popularity, which is determined by its network of inbound links on relevant and well-established websites. Improved link development is essential for search engine marketing success and a significant part of the expertise that The ANDRESENGROUP offers.


We provide a baseline ranking report before we start work to show you how your site ranks prior to optimization; additional reports are then provided on a monthly basis. Our staff will monitor your results to make sure you are on the right track. To ensure your satisfaction, our staff will periodically be in touch with you via phone or email to provide you with project updates.

Account Management

We offer the experience and insight required to manage your account from initial consultation to ongoing tracking and competitor analysis. With established leadership and account management excellence, The ANDRESENGROUP can increase the search engine rank and site traffic for your companys website.

Our Price

We charge only $1,299 per year for our SEO service. contact us today to get started.

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