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Taking Serious Time to Design Your Perfect Logo

There are cheap, or even free, logo design services that will provide you with a nice looking logo, but you get what you pay for. Developing an excellent logo that will stay with your business for many years is a serious undertaking. It takes thought and effort. We work closely with you to develop that logo image, or redefine/redesign your existing image.

Your logo is a consistent brand on all of your marketing materials -business cards, flyers, brochures, products and all other marketing collateral. Your logo is what represents you and your business to potential and existing customers so that they can identify and remember you. In order to develop that perfect logo, it takes a combination of business acumen, psychology, market understanding, and graphic design to get it just right for your business. Your logo is your business' identity...so not only does it need to be done right, it needs to be right on.

We take logo design very seriously at The ANDRESENGROUP because we take your business seriously.


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"Thanks John and Kim Andresen of The ANDRESENGROUP for your beautiful web design work."
- Marina Francis
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