Catalogs, Brochures, Flyers and More


Catalogs are multi-page bound documents. They can range from glossy product sales tools to corporate training aides, to multi-page brochures. Catalogs often provide comprehensive information about the range of products or services offered. Catalogs are intended to be kept for longer periods of time and often have covers printed on thicker stock for durability. Our catalogs are bound with saddle stitching.


Brochures are a popular format for sharing detailed information in a highly presentable way. They are usually colorful and folded. They are also usually printed on both sides of the paper. Brochures are an efficient format for providing information about your company, products, services, or event. Brochures can also include additional pages.


Flyers are like brochures but without any folding. Full color. Can be printed on one or two sides.

Club Flyers are similar to post cards, but rather than being mailed, they are typically passed out on the street to promote upcoming events. They are usually colorful and graphics-heavy with only basic information, like the location, price, and time of an event.

Small Flyers are flat promotional printed products that are smaller than our standard flyers. They are a popular and convenient size for distributing promotional material.

Post Cards

Post cards can be printed one or two sided and are often mailed. They come in a wide variety of sizes and on a broad range of heavier paper. Different coating choices and optional rounded corners can add to your unique design.

Door Hangers

Door Hangers are light weight flyers that have a 1.25" diameter circle cut out with an accompanying slit that allows them to hang on a doorknob. They are very common in marketing campaigns with coupons for pizza, or promotional specials, and they nearly guarantee customer interaction.

Tear Cards

Tear Cards are printed on flat, rectangular, heavy weight stock in full color. They are perforated 2" from the end, which makes it convenient to include a coupon or contact information.

This way, customers do not have to keep the whole card

just to get the information they want to hold on to.

Digital and Large Format Posters

Posters are printed on 9 mil photo paper in either high or semi-gloss in full color on one side with available lamination.

Wide range of sizes available from 12" x 12" to a huge 59" x 100' (feet).

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