Holistic Marketing

In order for your business to succeed, you must convert anonymous traffic into sales, and existing customers into repeat customers. The better you do that, the more money you make! The science of evaluating and tweaking your marketing as a whole is called holistic marketing.

Everything matters in your marketing campaign, and we want to help you make your business the most successful it can be. We analyze your entire marketing campaign and find ways to improve it and align it with your overall marketing goals - strategy, marketing, and technology are all intertwined to get your message out to the audiences you desire.

Our Process


We review ALL of your existing marketing, and all of the marketing that you have used in the past. We also get to know your business and your goals.
The Evaluation covers:
  • Marketing review and evaluation.
  • Marketing goals.
  • Business goals.
  • Website.
  • Social media use.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) evaluation (if you have a professional website).
    - Competitor Analysis.
    - Website Analysis.
    - HTML Code Analysis.
    - HTML Structure Analysis.
    - Website Design Analysis.
    - Keyword Research and Analysis.
    - Make changes to website meta tags and text.


    We consider sales and marketing psychology and strategies that apply to your business and we create a plan on how we will help you to reach your goals.

    Your website will most likely be a central point to the plan. If you do not have a profession and easy-to-use website then the creation of a new website must be part of the plan. Also Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is included in every plan. We will also make recommendations on your print design, print and online ads, search engine marketing, press releases, public relations, etc. anything and everything that effects your marketing.

    But these are recommendations! You are in charge and we do nothing without your approval.


    We proceed on the defined plan.

    The initial plan implementation will include:
    • Website creation (if needed)
    • Review your overall marketing and make suggestions.
    • Initial SEO report.
    • Setup social media (as needed).
    • Ongoing link development.
    • Gold membership on www.LivestockOfAmerica.com (if appropriate).
    • List website with over 100 search engines and directories.
    And on a monthly basis we provide:
    • Review your overall marketing and make suggestions.
    • SEO report.
    • Review SEO.
    • Website SEO updates.
    • Social media updates.
    • Ongoing link development.
    • Website updates and improvements (as needed).

    Additional Marketing Options

    We can help with the following marketing and advertising mechanisms but they are not included in this plan:
    • Print and graphic design.
    • Printing of marketing collateral: Flyers, banners, apparel (t-shirts, etc.).
    • Print advertising for: magazines, newspapers, show booklets, etc.
    • Website design and creation.
    • Additional online ads.
    • Additional press releases.
    • Internet advertising.
    • Radio advertising.
    • Photography.
    • Videography.
    • TV advertising.

    Holistic Marketing Plans

    We offer the following plans:
    Basic Plan
    Premier Plan
    Initial Marketing Evaluation
    Marketing Plan
    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    Social media setup
    Gold membership on www.LivestockOfAmerica.com
    If appropriate
    If appropriate
    Monthly marketing review
    Monthly SEO report
    Month SEO updates
    Month social media recommendations
    Ongoing link development.
    Website updates and improvements (as needed).
    Online ads on Livestock Of America (up to 4 per year)
    If appropriate.
    Up to 3 press releases per year includes: writing and distribution
    Custom-built website creation (Worth $3,000)
    up to 20 hours graphic design (Worth $1,460)
    Worth    $8,889

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